If you are one of the few readers that have read this blog for very long you know I have tattoos and that I am a tattoo enthusiast. I have written several blog posts about tattoos and I even have a blog devoted to women with tattoos. Women’s Ink is my attempt to soften the stigma of women who have tattoos since this is still a major taboo for quite a few people.

A gentleman left a comment on one of my blog posts equating tattoos with graffiti and lumped everyone with tats into an “attention seeking” group as well as (basically) stating that you only see graffiti in the lower class sections of town so why would you want to do that to your body?

Okay, I want to address this one step at a time because even though this comment was over a month ago it still bothers me. Now I will state up front, I did not delete this comment but I did answer it though not as thoroughly as I would have liked to so I will with this posting.

First: Graffiti

This is what is most generally thought of as “graffiti” which to me is more “tagging” and there is a major difference. This is the type of graffiti that I believe he was referring to:


While this still has an artistic flair to it this is what general graffiti is seen as. This is graffiti/tagging and not artistic in the least as far as I’m concerned:


These are examples of actual graffiti –style art done by artists whose medium happens to be on buildings or on the street. These are not usually covered up.



This is a sampling of famous graffiti artist Banksy and I guarantee,  no one paints over his work since being tagged by him will increase the worth of the building.


Banksy is known as a guerilla artist and his art is usually social commentary in an art form. People even get Banksy based art tattoos:



Personally, I love the Banksy tattoos and I don’t consider his art or the tattoos as something to be  looked down upon or to dismiss it as “just graffiti” because there is a major difference between  kids with a can of spray paint and artists using a different style of canvas.

This is an example of a bad tattoo. Bad concept. Horrible execution since it’s misspelled. This is what I think of when people talk about bad tattoos with writing:


In part 2 I will address the issue of artistic self-expression VS attention seeking behavior.

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