This is rant so be prepared – you have been warned!

I am all for free speech, after all it is one of the highest privileges that we have in this country. You can pretty much say what you feel without being thrown in prison –  or worse – which happens in some countries.

I have my opinions and of course, so do you. But I draw the line on blatant racism being advertised on TV. There is no place for this and it is just poor taste. I am referring to this:


I don’t care if you are a Democrat or a Republican or if you like President Obama or not, this is totally racist and disrespectful, yet it is being advertised as showing your respect and admiration. Who the hell came up with this idea and ad campaign? Some old, white, KKK member? Yeah, how funny and respectful is it to let this grow as much as possible so he can have a real “fro” since all African-Americans have to have “fros”, right?

I don’t find it amusing, I find it sad that in a country that is supposed to be as free thinking and forward as we are portrayed to be, that this sort of crap is deemed okay.

The commercial for this is horrible and should be pulled immediately and shame on the manufacturer for making this and the stations for playing it.

I don’t care for Sarah Palin, but I can just imagine the outrage that would ensue if there were nationwide commercials for something as offensive as this relating to her, such as this:


This is a political parody, not a real product advertised on TV, but if it were, I would be just as vocal about the need for it to be pulled because it is just too disrespectful, especially if she had become Vice President. How about a Sarah Palin Barbie Doll head that you can style the hair and makeup? That would be just as discriminatory as the Chia Pet head is.

If the Chia Pet had just been a parody and not a real product advertised on TV, then it would still be tasteless and racist but at least less offensive.

Political parody is one thing but nationwide disrespect is something else. I’m almost afraid to ask,
“what next?”

I might not like the answer.

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