I’m here at least in spirit if not totally in body yet. Ah the wonders of modern medicine and pharmaceuticals. So much fun, so much money when you don’t have insurance. At least I have a couple of doctors that appreciate the fact that new medications cost about the same per month as a new car payment and they try and help supplementing by giving me samples. If they didn’t  I would be in trouble since everything I have to take cost almost $800 per month.

Bad part of this is I was supposed to finally get on a generic version of the most expensive medication I was on but it just happened to be the one that after taking it for the last 3 years has stopped being effective so now I am on another expensive new medication that costs as much if not more than the original one. Lord have mercy!

Main doctor for this one knows my “can’t get insurance” situation and is taking care of the problem with samples right now especially while I’m in the “let’s see if this works” stage and who wants a month or two of extremely expensive medicine if it isn’t going to do the trick. I so wish this was something I could just say screw it and not take but I just don’t have that choice which is one of the reasons private health insurance companies like Atena, BCBS etc. won’t take me even with a high deductable.

If you have health insurance through where you are employed be very thankful even if the policy isn’t the best and it costs a lot because the alternative of not having health insurance because you are self employed and live in a state where you can be turned down for not much of any reason, it really, really sucks!


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