I had a doctors appointment on Monday and they have decided to make a major change in the medication I am on and I am not handling the change over very well. Nothing serious but it is rather disrupting on my life right at the moment so I probably won’t post through the weekend and hope to be back in a more normal – at least for me – state by Monday or so when the new medicines have had a chance to kick in.

When you take some medications for a long time the transfer to a new one can be a bit rough and I am going through that right now and I’m not quite a pretty sight and just not myself.

Don’t worry about it as it is nothing life threatening or any thing like that but I have a chronic issue that needs some adjusting and in a week or so I should be up to snuff if the new medications work correctly – please give good thoughts that they do as I don’t want to drag this out having to try something else if this doesn’t work.

If things go well, book giveaway will end as planned – if not, it will be extended for a few more days or so.

Thank you for being understanding and I will be up and running soon – can’t get rid of me that easily!