Okay, I’m gonna get on my soapbox so you are fair warned! Today’s rant is in reference to Jon Gosselin. You know, the guy from Jon and Kate Plus 8 fame or is that now infamy? Well he has wasted no time jumping back into the limelight or spotlight if you prefer, but he didn’t think about it before he did it.

The family in happier times:

This is Jon and his new squeeze:


(photo credit – INF)

This is the story on People

I used to love watching Jon and Kate Plus 8, back when it  first started and through about the sextuplets 3rd birthday. Then, not so much. At first it was this lovely couple and the craziness that ensues with that many children all the same age plus twins. Their lives were full of all the trials and tribulations I fondly remember of trying to raise our kids, survive financially and still have time for each other except they had it magnified to the nth degree with six new babies and two still basically toddlers.

As the coverage and fame began to build, this no longer was a cute story to watch. The kids are still adorable but Jon and Kate? Not so much. You got to see Kate become an attention whore who had to be the star of the show and Jon was shown as fairly nice guy that couldn’t (or wouldn’t) stand up to increasingly overbearing and bossy wife. The episodes started becoming more of “what can we get for free this week?” then anything positive.

After 10 years they called it quits but only where the marriage is concerned but not in terms of the spotlight still firmly positioned to shine right on this train wreck. Did they cancel the show and get marriage counseling? No. Did either of them step back and maybe think that playing out this soap opera life they have now in front of their children on national television and tabloids might, in the long run, be very harmful to the children? Obviously not since the “show must go on” sort of mentality seems to be the most prevalent.

It might be just me but I don’t understand not trying to save your marriage especially when you have eight children. Divorce can be so devastating for children and you have this compounded by the number of children and the fact that their whole life has been documented for everyone to see even in this (what should be private) most devastating time.

Now, only weeks after splitting up from Kate, Jon has a girl friend and it turns out she is the daughter of the plastic surgeon that did Kate’s tummy tuck. Irony anyone? Either he didn’t waste any time looking for a new lady or something has been going on that the public didn’t know about. Jon keeps talking about how excited he is to be in this new “stage of his life” and all the opportunities available. Well Jon, your family is who opened those doors of opportunity for you but I haven’t seen anything that shows he is still a family man. In my opinion, he is acting like a guy freed from a prison. He might have felt like living with Kate was that restrictive but he brought all these children into this world and it seems to me he should be focused on them and not his new life.


Ed Hardy design – sort of apropos isn’t it?

I love Ed Hardy old school tattoos and the tattoo inspired clothing line.  Jon wears a lot of them. Does this make either of us good designers for their clothing line? Of course not. At least I have tattoos :0)   Jon’s new girl friend, Hailey Glassman will be working for them as well. Article doesn’t say if she is qualified or not.

I am so over this show. I can’t stand to watch it anymore and I am so over thinking of either Kate or Jon as good parents any more. Yes, I always thought she was a control freak but then, quite a few people are and if you marry someone like that you better be prepared for it.

Do I think that Jon should have gotten either a thicker skin or a backbone long ago? To quote Sarah Plain – You betcha’.

Do I think that anyone from this family should still be on television or in the news? Nope. Let’s think of the children for once and Jon – Kate – get a job and quit using the children as the bread winners. Jon, get a REAL job like you used to have and not some BS position that they even state you got because you are going to use your children in the ads for the clothing that you “design.”

They are really starting to disgust me.

What do you think?

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