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I have so lost track of time this week it has not been funny! I got to go with Hubby this week (1st time in 8 months!) and I jumped on that and everything was pretty much shot from there.

That’s what happens I guess when you change your usual routine, cause it fair gobsmacked me and I didn’t know which end was up. Now it’s Saturday and I feel like I’m a day late and a buck short. :0)

Friday was Hubby’s 55th birthday and we came up to KC, Mo to celebrate his birthday, Father’s Day and our daughter’s birthday all together since neither us or our son live less than 3 hours away from our daughter so we have to kind of combine celebrations.

We had never been to Joe’s Crab Shack but always see the TV commercials for it so we finally looked it up and there is one in Olathe, KS. so we decided that was what Hubby wanted for his birthday dinner. Daughter met us there and the four of us dug in big time.


If you haven’t tried this place, we recommend it – the seafood was great! Just don’t die of sticker shock and go hungry. I got the steam pot that had 2 lobsters, clams, shrimp, sausage, corn and potatoes in it. No, I didn’t eat the whole thing, I gave 1 of the lobsters to my Hubby that way we both got what we wanted because he really wanted the steam pot with the crab legs.


Let me tell you, that was a party in our mouths and we did enjoy it! Needed to be rolled out to the car afterward but it was worth it.

Hubby was a spoil-sport though and wouldn’t let them do their birthday thing and disappointed our waitress but I guess he decided he was too old for that sort of foolishness – dang it!

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Daughter is soooo cute! She is just now wearing maternity clothes and actually looking pregnant though our waitress was also pregnant and they got to talking and she is actually due a couple of days after our daughter but you wouldn’t have known it if you put them side-by-side. Waitress looked very pregnant at 5 months and our kid is barely showing.

Her friends are saying that she is the skinniest pregnant woman they have ever seen at 5 months. She has only put on about 10 lbs. and I think her bustline is where it all went. She is taking after the women on my side of the family that’s for sure – poor kiddo.

We plan on having a great weekend and I hope you all do the same.

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