We had a pretty normal not much happening weekend though I am excited that my Hubby put up our above ground pool. It’s not a huge one and about 5 foot deep but it is big enough that you can have a couple of adults in it and you can float on mattresses and not take up all the room.

Looks sort of like this one:


At least by next weekend the water should be warm enough to actually get in it and enjoy it. We are expecting about 95 degrees all week. I can’t wait!

This week so far I have just been a slug. Even more so than usual so that is pretty bad. Yesterday I couldn’t seem to stay awake for anything. All I wanted to do was stay in bed and say “phooey” to pretty much anything and every thing. Couldn’t get motivated at all. I hate it when I have days like that. Makes me feel like a complete bum.


I’m hoping today will be better and I’ll be more motivated to actually accomplish something, anything besides parked on the couch with a remote. The only good thing about being a bit of a couch potato is I at least crochet or attempt to knit while I watch TV so it isn’t a complete waste of time.

I’m attempting to knit a kimono sweater for my upcoming granddaughter and I have been crocheting socks for this winter for both myself and Hubby. I have mine done and am working on the second one of his. I trade off between the crocheting and knitting because I found out just how bad my hands are when I started knitting. My thumb on my left hand will kill me after a couple of hours knitting. Crocheting doesn’t bother me as much so I’m doing both at the same time.

Works pretty well since I don’t get bored as easily as I usually do.


Hopefully I can get my act together and be more productive for the rest of the week.

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