Right now at 6pm it is 105 degrees! OMG!

Let’s see….4 days ago summer officially started. This week we have had temperatures between 99 – 107 degrees every day this week. I was up last night late and it was 80 degrees outside at 3am.

This worries me. If summer just started and we have these high temps, I don’t even want to think about how horrible it will be in August. Years ago we had an entire month of 100+ degree days and it was absolutely horrible.

Now the garden is going gang busters because the mix of storms we’ve had then the heat has got everything growing up a storm, but who wants to go out and pick anything when you step outside and immediately need to go take a shower?

Just talked to Hubby and he is dreading this weekend since he is going to have to mow. Now an average yard in this heat wave sucks but we live on 10 acres and mow 3 acres of it around the house. That’s a lot of work in the heat. He is going to have to start at the break of dawn in order to not roast to death and this is only the end of June – ECK!

I’m not looking forward to the electric bills for the rest of the summer either. I’m old. I’m a woman. I’m menopausal. I do not do heat well. Unless I’m sitting on the beach with a cool Margarita in my hand and can take a dip in the ocean. Then I’m fine. I’m also not wearing much and who cares if I sweat in my swimsuit?


Not that it’s a pretty sight by a long shot but this may soon be my daily wear :0)  Then I can just go hose off when I get too hot and my swimsuit would be dry before I got back in the house.

Can we please just skip forward to, let’s say – September? Then the heat wave should be over and it will be closer to my grandbaby being born. Oh, gosh! I feel so sorry for my kid being pregnant in during a summer like this one.

What do you do to stay cool?

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