I found out that I won two different giveaways this weekend. I get a book – I’ve won 5 so far – and I get a True Blood pendant from Laughing Vixen an Esty shop. This is what I’m getting:





I just thought this pendant was too funny and very representative of the humor of both the books and the show. :0)

If you don’t enter Giveaways you really should. They are  fun and you can win some cool stuff too! If you are worried about using your information, create a name and email address that you use for entering the giveaways. If you win, then you just give a mailing address  as usually giveaways run by blogs don’t ask for that info prior to contacting the winner so the prize can be sent.

Trust me, Giveaways and Sweepstakes can be very addicting especially once you win something. Then you want more or at least the chance, the gamble of the draw. It’s sort of like Las Vegas without worrying about losing any money since trustworthy Giveaways and Sweeps will never require money. If they do, run away quickly and don’t go there ever again.

If you are new to the Giveaway scene, start with the ones I have listed. I guarantee that they are free and fairly decided by a random number generator and you could be lucky and win something! There are plenty of sites out there that list ongoing Giveaways and Sweepstakes and here are just a few of the sites that I use to find ones that interest me. I love book giveaways, jewelry or fun and funky things from great Esty shops.

Delaney’s Top Pick Giveaways

Big List of Giveaways

Lucky Ladybug

I Love Giveaways

Check them out and see if you can’t find something you’d like to win and give it ago. It only takes a little of your time and who knows, you just might get lucky and win something!





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