I was left a plea from a blogging buddy of mine, Mrsupole’s Place to shamelessly promote another blogger’s new Meme, Rhyming Wednesdays.

Now, I can’t rhyme worth a dang but it is cool to read what others can do so check it out. :0)


Also, she brought to my attention a very (in my opinion) worthwhile charity:




Made4aid is an online charity auction of high quality, handcrafted items donated by crafters and artists throughout the world.

The organization is run by volunteers and is entirely non-profit-making, with all proceeds being sent for relief work in the refugee camps in Darfur.

Visit the official Made4Aid website for more information.


I wrote a post about Darfur here. This is a tragedy that continues and is so horrific that it can continue in this day and age without the world demanding an end to the horrors that the defenseless people in this region must live daily.

This is a charity that I strongly believe should be supported whenever you can. You get something for your winning bid and all proceeds go to the refugees. This is a win-win for both the people that win the auctions and those who need help.


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