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Garden is going gangbusters and we are so excited! We have already had broccoli, zucchini and radishes from our garden and it is wonderful. This is the first garden we have had that has done this well and we will definitely do one even bigger next season.

Here it is back when it was first planted:

Here is what it looks like now:

big difference isn't it?

big difference isn't it?

we are diggin' it :0)

we are diggin' it :0)

We realize now the spacing is bad but plan on doing better next year. The cucumbers and zucchini are too bunched up but we learn by doing and now know better.

Why I Feel Really Old

Hubby is a sweetheart, have I mentioned that lately? He always takes my car in to be serviced so I don’t have to and this is one time I am so thankful he did. My car is our 2000 Hyundai Santa Fe which I love. It has over 170,000 miles on it and we have not had any major problems with the engine, tranie, etc. and it has just been the greatest vehicle.

Hubby picked it up from being serviced, drove about a block or so and had an experience no one wants. The hood blew up and hit above the windshield and stayed there. Yep, not only did he have the scare of his life he is now driving down a major highway peering out under the little bit of viewing space between the car and the windshield so he can pull over to shut it.

Hood is trashed, coils and springs now sprung. He took it right back to the place we got it serviced (which we have used forever) and told them what happened. Anyone with a Santa Fe knows that the hood is heavy and solid and all you do when closing it is lower it to about 6″ from the car, then let go. It closes solidly with a satisfying “thunk” and is closed. Their tech didn’t close the hood after doing the oil change.

They are now replacing our hood, coils, hinges and latches. Oh joy! At least we didn’t have to fight with them. I took it to Car Star and was talking to the young man and was describing a problem I had had with a car when I was 19 or so and as I was telling him I realized he wouldn’t understand a reference I was just making, he is too young.

I was telling him about a problem where my fuel line would flatten out when you stepped on the gas during acceleration, like when going up an on ramp for the freeways in California where I lived at the time. This was because we were discussing incidents happening while driving down the highway and I was telling him my story. I said “it is like when you sucked through a paper straw that had been in your drink too long.”

He stared at me. I looked at him, tilted my head, squinting at him and said, “you’re too young to remember or probably have never used paper straws, right?” He says, “there used to be PAPER straws??? You’re kidding me!”

OK. I feel…really, really,…old.

Anyone else out there remember when you were a kid and they gave you your snack in kindergarten and you had a paper straw in your milk? Anyone remember what it was like before plastic straws? Remember Pixie Sticks that were in the straws?

God, please, someone tell me you do so I don’t feel so freaking old.


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