We are on vacation and are supposed to have Wi-Fi here in our little “cabin-like” room by the lake. Well, at best it is sporatic and if there is cloud cover you can just forget it. We aren’t in the main hotel which gets it with no problem but are out at the Marina on Stockton Lake. This is why I have been a bit late on finishing the giveaways so, sorry about that guys!

I still have a couple of giveaways that I will put up when we get back next weekend and you aren’t going to want to miss the last ones. I have Part 2 of the Expo Marker giveaway which has bigger and better stuff and I have a great necklace giveaway that goes to 3 winners and the jewelry is worth $100 each!

So hang in there with me and we will continue when I have a more reliable internet connection. I thought I was going to be able to do all of this while on vacation but like they say, best laid plans…

Thanks a bunch!