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#1 natural product  manufacturer

When my package with this cleaning system came I was very intrigued as well as very skeptical about these funny looking balls that were supposed to replace my laundry soap, softeners and/or dryer sheets. After all, how is a rubbery sort of ball going to clean everything?

Well paint me purple and call me a Piñata because this silly looking stuff actually works and it surprised the heck out of me. :0)

I will admit that I like the dryer balls the best. They cut way back on the drying time of the load and I have not used ANY softener or dryer sheet products since I started using this system. The laundry ball has so far worked pretty well on average laundry loads but I will admit that if I have something really, really soiled like Hubby’s clothes after doing yard work for 3 hours (yuck!) I haven’t been brave enough to not use at least a little bit of laundry soap for those but not with the laundry ball in it as well.

If you are concerned about using detergents or have allergies to soaps then I would definitely recommend this Complete Laundry System to you. Here are some more facts from the website.

  • Less to no detergents needed
  • May cut drying time
  • Less static cling
  • Non-toxic to children’s clothing
  • Chemical free – Skin friendly
  • May reduce allergic reactions
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Colors stay brighter
  • Lasts about 3 years / 2000 washes

This product was invented by Fern Gunderson who lives in Iowa and she has a line of natural products that she sent me some samples which were just wonderful as well. I got a lip balm and a sample bar of soap and either of those would be great to use on a regular basis and I’m pretty skeptical of things but the lip balm and soap really work and are a joy to use.

Click on this link to read more about how Fern came to develop her products here this is a PDF file.

Fern has graciously offered 3 winners each one Mystic Wonders Complete Laundry System. This would normally cost you $49.95. This is a great opportunity to try this system out for 3 lucky readers.

Since Fern has been so kind, please stop by her website Mystic Wonders, Inc. and check out her other fabulous products then leave me a comment about what other product you would love to try. This is MANDATORY for the first entry.

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