I was supposed to start my giveaways today but I am here at my son’s old house typing this in right now. We had 90 MPH winds and 2.5 inches of rain fall in a half hour this morning at 5 am. We were lucky and sustained no damage at our house, but our entire town is without power since most of the power lines are down. Neighbors around us lost sheds and parts of roofs and lots of trees are down. El Dorado Ks has half the town without power as well.

Our son closed on his new house today and he has power but no cable or internet so I will be without a way to post for a bit. I will be staying at my son’s new house until they get the power back up.

Sorry for the inconvinence of this since I was ready to start the Giveaway Blowout but can’t at this point since I have no way to monitor any of the comments or post new giveaways each day.

Hopefully my son will have his cable/internet up by Monday and we can start then. I am just thankful that we are all okay and no damage was done other than we will probably lose some food items. Keep good thoughts for us to be back to normal soon.