We have had rain for the last three days now with Sunday being the worst day. We went into Wichita and had lunch at a Mongolian BBQ place and it was sort of sprinkling off and on. We decided when we were done that we had some shopping to do and both Hubby and I needed some stuff from Micheal’s before we hit the Walmart.  We were in the Micheals maybe 10 min. and we hear the rain pounding the roof. We finished up quickly and walked to the front doors to see the rain coming down in sheets so thick we couldn’t see the road and the wind is blowing so much that the sheets of rain are practically coming down sideways.

Monsoons in Kansas anyone? We had parked fairly close to the building but even with running ( okay, as close to running as a 54yr old heavyset woman can run ) to the car we were completely soaked through. Hubby is one of those men that always wears a baseball cap so his hair wasn’t as soaked as mine.

We decided the best bet was to say fooey to any more shopping and go home. Try driving in a Monsoon – ugh! Windshield wippers couldn’t stay up with the amount of water coming down and that much rain in such a short time had the roads deep enough in water that it came up in sheets of water breaking over the car and we could hardly see.

Then as we are driving through Andover where our son lives we hear tornado sirens going off so we found a radio station that was giving the weather report to find out that small tornadoes had been seen between Andover and where we live out in the country. We are driving the main connecting road between highways and there where telephone lines snapped and on the ground but thankfully none of the houses on this road were touched.

The rain/storms continued through the night and finally dwindled away today though it looks like it could start up at any time. I am ready for this to blow over and stay away for awhile.

This isn’t the storm we just had but is a good example of what we get here and this was the last big storm we had in this area before this weekend. I really don’t like being around these storms.  😦

I have to admit though that the grass is a lot greener and right now I am looking out the glass doors to our back deck and in the back yard we have birds taking baths in the puddles that are in the yard and they are enjoying the heck out of it. Who needs a bird bath? Just have a big storm and wait for the deep puddles 🙂

Pretty Picture for the Day

Rain does help our gardens grow - arent these gorgeous!

Rain does help our gardens grow – aren’t these gorgeous!

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