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Today’s question is:

“Do your pets follow you into the bathroom every time you go in there?”

Mine do and all of the pets I have ever had tend to do this and it cracks me up. It’s like they know you are a captive audience while sitting on the “throne” and you have to pay attention to them while you are sitting there.

It is a definite “oohh let’s go get Mommie” and the silly critters fight over which one is going to get the most attention. The funniest aspect for me with this is they can be sound asleep when I leave the room and the next thing I know is there they are in the bathroom jockying for postion closest to my legs. I even had a cat that wanted to climb into everyone’s britches which was very annoying after the humor factor wore off.

not our cat but I see it's a common trait

not our cat but I see it's a common trait

So, do your pets do anything like this?

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