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I would not have thought that something as mundane as pen or pencil would mean so much to so many people but it does in some villages and towns in the Philippines. Here is an excerpt from the blog about this.

Sometimes we take pens and pencils for granted. But for some unfortunate but beautiful children, these are very special things. These can make life in school a little better, a little easier.

A few years ago, I visited a school in my home province and noticed that some kiddos go to school without any writing instruments. In one classroom, I noticed a child writing with a pencil about 2.5-inch in length. Imagine how difficult it is to write with a writing instrument of that length!

It made me sad to see those children in that situation. In spite of the government’s effort, there are still many poor families in my province. These families struggle between between buying meals and buying pens and pencils (and other school supplies). Meals always win, and pens and pencils (and other school supplies) take the backseat. But I was consoled by the fact that at least they still manage to attend school instead of dropping out.

The cost of helping these children is almost nil. The rewards are big especially for these children. Instead of having that expensive cup of Starbucks coffee or buying that pack of cigarettes  – which are bad for you anyway – why not buy some pencils (which they need the most) at the local dollar store and mail them to this wonderful charity.

You will be glad you did and you will make an education much easier for some very sweet and lovely children who just need a little help. This is a one time deal unless you choose to do more. I”m sending some flip-flops along with the pencils I’m sending since a lot of these kids have no shoes as well, but just an envelope of pencils will help tremendously and won’t break anyone’s pocketbook.

Here is where you send your donation of pencils. They request you do not send money. Now how many charities do that? This way what they need is what they get and it all goes to the children. So let’s do this simple, small thing and help out these great kids.

P.O. Box 16
Post Office, Bgy. Dalakit,
Catarman Northern Samar

They will be handing out the next batch in June so you have plenty of time but please, don’t forget. These children need your support and remember that the cost is small but the rewards are big.

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These are some of the beautiful kids you can help

These are some of the beautiful kids you can help

I want to thank my blogging buddy Vera for posting about this very worthwhile charity. 🙂

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