Another pretty day today, got the screen door open and letting some fresh air in and it’s great. I am ready for this type of weather on a regular basis. We are going to get ambitious and start our garden this next weekend and I’m going to take pictures from inception to (hopefully) fruition so you can all see our gardening trials and tribulations which will probably cause gales of laughter and smirks from you actual gardeners out there and maybe you can give us a few pointers along the way so we can better have a chance of success. Or you’ll have fun watching us fall on our faces, or I should say Hubby cause I’ll be taking the pictures. 🙂

I found this picture from Germany where they have decided to beautify the very prominent utility boxes which are plain ugly. I thought they have a great idea going there that we should follow.

400_electric boxes

I don’t know about you but I would rather have one of the painted boxes outside of my house instead of the ugly ones.

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The Key to Life is Balance

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I “chunky-dunk” too!

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spiral by justyn

“Spiral” by Justyn

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