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I found out that there was a blog that asked a question every Friday and called it “Aloha Friday” since they are in the islands and everyone takes it easy on Fridays so I decided to link in and share in the theme. After you are done here you should click on the link above and check out some of the other blogs asking a question on Friday. You never know what you might find. 🙂

Today’s question is:

“What does your pet do that drives you up the wall?

There could be lots of things for me to choose from but mostly I would say it has to do with Marvin.

Marvin (our cat) was rescued when he was teeny-tiny and shouldn’t have been away from his mother. He has one bad habit that is cute and annoying all at the same time.

I will be busy doing something, usually on the computer, and all of a sudden he will be sneaking up on me in stealth mode (or so he thinks) and then will be on my chest. He was so undernourished when we found him that he is still pretty small and probably won’t get to a regular sized cat and is about the size of a six month old kitten even though he is about 10 months so he fits on my chest easily. After moving in for the kill so to speak, he will bury his face in the hollow of my neck so he can smell/lick me while he starts purring like crazy and  kneading on me like he would have done his momma.

Now Marvin only does this to me, not Hubby and at this point he doesn’t do it for very long though most of the time I move him off of me though he will come back again and again. He averages about 3-4 times a day unless he is stressed then it is more often.

Now I know there are going to be readers going “Awwww” and some going “Yuck” but it is sweet because he gets that purr going loud and proud and he wants me to pet him while he is doing this. It basically boils down to him just burying his face in my neck because he just licks a couple of times while doing this. I think he misses his mother and needs the comfort. It is just a pain when I’m busy and he wants to do this.

I am hoping he out grows this soon even if it does crack up Hubby every time it happens. He used to pull Marvin off of me and try and pet/love on him but Marvin will have none of that and would wiggle around until he was put down then come right back to me. He is thankfully, not as inclined to do this so I think he is out growing it.

Marvin (about a week after we found him) in his usual spot then and now

Marvin (about a week after we found him) in his usual spot then and now

So, what does your pet do?

Pretty Picture for the Day

"Sunflowers in a Blue and White Vase" by Christopher Pierce

"Sunflowers in a Blue and White Vase" by Christopher Pierce

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