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What Flower
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I enjoyed taking this quiz but I found it very humorous that I’m a sunflower since that is the Kansas state flower and to me it looks like a giant weed but then again, weeds are about the only thing I can grow so I guess a sunflower does suit me.

We have to be the worst gardeners ever but it doesn’t keep us from trying every now and then. We planted flowers last spring and about half of them survived. We are going to be ambitious this year and attempt flowers again and veggies. Hubby loves tomatoes and I love fresh bell peppers which are two of the things we have managed to grow before. I think Hubby is planning on being somewhat hopeful and plant some lettuce and onions as well, maybe cukes.

I would love to have a garden that looks like this:


Or like this:

garden flower

But it will probably look more like this:


So tell me, how does your garden grow?


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