I kind of think asking/answering a question on Friday is fun, at least for me, so I’m going to continue this for at least awhile and see how many people participate. Remember, all you do is answer the same question in your comments you don’t have to put this on your blog as it isn’t a Meme or anything like that.

Here is the Friday Question:

“Would you rather see a movie in the theater on opening weekend when there are big crowds, or wait and go after it’s been out awhile and the theater is more empty? Or, would you rather wait for it to release on DVD and watch it in your home?”

This has multiple answers for me. 1st, I’m not a big fan of large crowds in the theaters, that’s why we usually go to the matinee and try for the first showing of the day. On opening weekends this can still be busy but not as bad as evening shows so if it is a movie we really want to see we will go. We will face the crowds to see the new Star Trek movie but it has to be something we really want to see.

2nd, we don’t go to the movies that often and we are movie buffs so we do buy a lot of DVDs especially when we can get them for $15 since we would pay that at the theater but with the DVD we can watch it whenever we want.

3rd, depends on the type of movie. I love Pixar movies but I hate crowds of noisy kids while I try and watch the movie so I usually wait and buy the DVD so I can enjoy it more at home.

So how about you? Movie theater or DVD at home?

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Through a looking glass by Barbara Socor

Through a Looking Glass by Barbara Socor



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