My Blogging Buddy Betty, hey that rhymes!, gave me another award. I am so going to have to pay her something for all of these.  I do really appreciate her thinking of me and sharing this with me. Love ya’ babe and that sweet family of yours!

Some people don’t understand blogs and bloggers. I’ve read numerous articles on actual “publications” about the over-abundance of blogs and the people that think that they can write, blah-blah-blah. I don’t write any of my blogs to prove I am a writer. Anyone reading this can figure that out pretty darn quick. I am not trying to sell anything or even really make money off of any blog, I do it because I enjoy it and I read other people’s blogs because I enjoy them. Because of the great friends that you may never met in the real world but you can met them and share things with them all the time through our blogs.

To me, Blogs are the letters pen-pals used to share, they have just gotten high-tech and public. Nothing wrong with that. I have met some great people that I am happy to call my friends and some people that make you scratch your head in wonder. But that is the nature of the Bloggersphere, good and bad, friendly and rude. You just have to learn to pick and choose and I have a great love and respect for my blogging buddies and want to share this with a few of you.

Linda, of course, over at “Crone and Bear It” and her hysterical new blog, Crap on a Crutch. Linda you get this for both blogs sweetie as I love them both!

Sandy over at The Last Post”

My newest buddy over at Stepping Thru (I met you through our good friend Linda)

Noemi over at Dreamwalker my bloggy bud that needs a pick-me-up, here ya go my friend.

If I gave it to a few others that I would like to that I just discovered and love, my buddy Linda will probably shoot me so I’m keeping this list short so they have blogs to pass it onto as well.

Thank you all for being great friends and having great blogs.


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