I know I usually do funny posts but I was approached to do an post about self-defense and after reading the information provided I thought it was a good idea. Times are tough and crime is a real issue and women are usually easy targets. I hope this information can help stop you from being a victim of a violent act. Thank you to Not Me®  for giving me this opportunity.

Do You Know the 5 D’s of Defense?

There is a lot of miss-communication about self defense. Experts will tell you to take some form of self defense training. This is fine if you are comfortable with the decision to engage in hand-to-hand combat with an attacker. But what if you aren’t prepared to go up against your attacker, then what do you do? Fighting with your attacker should be the last resort. Run away or raise a ruckus to draw attention and bring help are the first things to try. Only engage your attacker if there is no other choice.

Carry a weapon? Well, that can cause problems unless you are thoroughly trained and ready to either maim or kill your attacker because otherwise, your weapon can be used against you in an attack. This happens way too often so don’t have a false sense of security because you have any type of weapon on you.

Sound Bites” of Self-Defense

The 5 D’s can be used to make sense of the commonly known and

repeated “sound bites” of self-defense.

Be assertive

Kick to the groin

Use anything available as a weapon

Fight with everything you have

Get medical attention

Never be taken to a secondary location

Be aware of your surrounding

Escape at the first opportunity

Stomp on the instep

Never give up

Carry a mobile phone

Get away as fast as you can

Talk to someone you trust

Gouge the attacker’s eyes

Yell as loud as you can

Have an exit strategy

Take a self-defense class

Use your intuition

Don’t Take a shower

Walk in groups at night

Never corner the attacker

Write down what happened


These “sound bites” are only useful if you are able see them as

mere examples of the five steps of self-defense.

Excerpt from  NOT-ME!®


Introduction to the 5 D’s of Self-Defense

Begins with a plan. Ends with peace of mind.


Never be taken to a second location.

Carry a mobile telephone.

Take a self-defense class.

Never give up. Lock your doors.

Do not accept a ride from a stranger.


Be aware of your surroundings.

Be assertive.

Stay alert for danger.

Walk with confidence.

Use your intuition.


Kick to the groin. Stomp on foot.

Use anything available as a weapon.

Yell as loud as you can.

Gouge the attacker’s eyes.

Fight with everything you have.


Flee at the first opportunity.

Get away as fast as you can.

Never corner the attacker.

Have an exit strategy.

Evade and escape.


Call the police.

Get medical attention.

Talk to someone.

Excerpt from  NOT-ME!®

Remember, don’t be a hero! The main goal is to avoid a confrontation by either getting away or deterring the aggressor. You have to decide if you are going to run or fight. If you can’t, then you defend yourself as best you can with the main goal of getting away or disengaging. Once you have disengaged then you need to debrief by letting the authorities know what happened, go to the hospital and talk to a trusted friend.

Be prepared. If you can, take a self defense course so you can practice what to do. If you are sure you can handle everything that goes with it, take a martial arts course but remember that you are making more of a commitment to do possible bodily injury by taking this type of course and you must be mentally prepared for that.

Be aware. Be safe. Be prepared to act. Be informed. Take action when needed. Report anything that happens.

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