My buddies Linda over at Crone and Bear It and Betty over at It’s Me Betty both gave me this award with in a few days of each other and I am just now getting it posted and a public “Thank You” out to both of them.


Also, Betty gave me another award (aren’t I special?) a few days later so I have another one to add to my collection.


With this one I am supposed to list 7 things that I love and to pass it on to 7 blogs that I love and leave them a comment to know that they got an award.

7 things I love

My husband

My kids

Marvin (our kitty we rescued)

Freddie (our fat Dachshund)


My computer (when it works right)

Chocolate (any form and as often as possible)

Now a lot of my other blogger buddies have gotten both of these awards so I am listing those that may not have one or the other of these two awards so which ever one you don’t have – that one is for you!

Sandy over at The Last Post

Dette over at On the Rocks

Noemi over at Dreamwalker

Tricia over at Papercages and The Girl Who Wears My Shoes (do I get to count this as two or only one?)

Vera over at Where the Moon Shines

Alaska Mom over at At Home in Alaska

These are all great bloggers with wonderful blogs so stop by and check them out. They more than deserve these awards.

Thank You for your support of my blog, I appreciate you all very much!


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