I really didn’t feel up to being funny today. Yesterday afternoon I had to go to the vet with my son since one of his Kitties – Trip – was very ill. Turns out the cat became diabetic and was in a crisis. Now with the economy the way it is it is hard to come up with hundreds of dollars just to try and pay for the hospitalization of the pet let alone start giving the cat injections twice a day and have to expect diabetic crises happening incurring more bills. All of that when you don’t know if you will have a job next week.

I had to help him decide what he wanted to do and we decided it would be better to put Trip down. He was a stray that was rescued 4yrs ago so at least he had a good life for what time he had. My son was not up to staying with Trip until the end so I did. It is so hard to do but I don’t think an animal you love should be alone with strangers when they give them the injection. Trip died peacefully in my arms purring. Just about killed me but he died being loved on.

Unfortunately I think we may have a double-whammy coming. He has a cat that we have had for over 20yrs – Reggie- that is a Siamese cat and he took him with him when he got his own place. Reggie and my son have been buddies since boy was 7-8yrs old. Reggie is now blind but still going fairly strong but I don’t know how long he can keep going. Reggie’s death will really do us in especially our son.

I don’t have personal pics of the cats so here are some cuties that show why we love them and why it hurts when they are gone.





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