Hubby got a call last night so he left early this morning to head back out to the Boonies again and the boys and I stayed home. Bummer. I can’t really gritch and groan about it, I mean he has work and this should be at least a week so I should be happy. But I miss him already. Freddie knew when his Daddy was packing up the car and was very upset when we didn’t go along. Hubby felt bad and took him out for a run before leaving but Freddie , Marvin and I are all bummed.

I need a pick-me-up so why not watch some funny videos?

Okay, this first one starts slow but watch it through cause it is creative and you will have the song stuck in your head afterward. The guys can actually sing pretty well and it was a clever spin on something we see every day.

I wish this was the whole song but it’s only a snippet but I crack up when I see this.  🙂

Classic and wonderful Muppets

Hope you enjoyed our videos for today!

Pretty Picture for the Day

"Forget Me Not" by Floriana Barbu

"Forget Me Not" by Floriana Barbu

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