Smooth Away Pad

Smooth Away Pad

I received a packet from the Smooth Away people as a result of signing up for free product trials through “Fuel My Blog” which I am a member of. I was very surprised when I got this because it was the full product not just a demo. I got the full sized pad and a small one with a carry case, refill pads and a full size tube of Smooth Away Hair Growth Inhibitor.

Now years ago I used a product that was similar to this but it was just basically fine sandpaper with a way to slip it on your hand. It was very difficult to use and it was extremely easy to over do it and scrape the heck out of your legs. With that product I never would have used it on my underarms or face.

Having said that, Smooth Away is a much better product and is very easy to use. The handles or as they cal them, paddles make this product very easy to use. You attach the corresponding size microcrystalline pad and use them on dry skin – not wet. Best used after your shower or bath when you have had a chance for you skin to be completely dry.

You use the paddle in small clockwise circles then do counter clockwise circles. Your skin will look “ashy” but this is normal and preferred because while the product is removing the hair it is also exfoliating your skin. This looks really strange the first time you use it but then you get used to it. You want to make sure you don’t use too much pressure or spend too much time using the pads. You can give yourself a “burn” if you get carried away but then again, you can cut yourself with a razor if you don’t use it correctly so it is just a question of finding what works on your skin.

Since I am Native American I never have had a real problem with extremely hairy legs so I can use this no matter how long the hair is. The product recommendation is for the hair to be no longer than about 1/4 of an inch. Once again this will depend on your hair growth and thickness.

The Smooth Away Hair Growth Inhibitor is very moisturizing and soothing and with regular use seems to slow down the hair growth though as I stated, my hair doesn’t grow that much to start out with. Individual results may vary.

The suggested retail price of this in stores like CVS, Walgreens, WalMart, etc. is $9.99 and that is a great price for what you get though the tube of hair growth inhibitor is extra and optional.

I would recommend this product if you hate to shave and can’t or don’t use the chemical hair removal products like Nair. This is a great chemical free method of hair removal.


I give this a definite thumbs up!


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