My blogger buddy Linda over at Crone and Bear It started sort of a Meme off of a suggestion that you type your name + needs into Google and see what comes up. I decided to give it a try and found out the following:

Delaney needs….

Photobucket Just be the mother
Since I have two grown adult children I think I have taken care of this one and if asked they will tell you that I still tend to bug mother them.

Photobucket Smell the coffee
Since I can’t drink coffee as I have IBS and my tummy won’t tolerate it, smelling the coffee is about all I can safely do.

Photobucket A Miracle
That one I can sort of agree with since right now we need to be secure in a steady, regular job after a 2 month layoff so yeah, Delaney and Hubby need a miracle right now.

Photobucket A bullet
Dang, I never thought I ticked anyone off that much 😦 I mean, come on. I know I speak my mind but a bullet? Really? I think staying in the house for 2 months may have been a good idea even if I am going bonkers with cabin fever.

Photobucket A guitar pick
Well now. I have never been able to play a single instrument in my lifetime and I don’t own a guitar so I think I can do without this one thanks anyway.

Photobucket To go for it
Not sure exactly what I need to go for. Milk? Fame? Fortune? Well, okay I could use the fortune right about now. I’m not sure if this is one of those rhetorical statements or I get to pick out something I really want or need.

If you would like to try this and post it, please link back to Linda since she started this. There is no set amount of terms or anyone needing to be tagged. It is just something fun to try and if yours turns out to be post worthy then please give credit to her.

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