Tried doing our taxes last night and was a bit of a disaster. I should have learned from the last few years what we need to figure out, how to split it down, what goes-what doesn’t, but nooooo it was like I’ve never done them before. Bad thing is if you screw something up on the computer tax programs is that is is almost impossible to go back and fix something in a section you already did. Tonight we tackle attempt #2 with hopefully better results. Since we are self employed there is a lot of stuff to cover and paying for it being done is worse than the headache I get working on it and having to do it a couple of times to get it done right. It is my contribution to the family finances and saving money. This time I get a strong drink when I’m done.

Let’s not worry about serious subjects like taxes or job issues, lets have some smiles and giggles.
Babies can bring a smile to your face when not much will especially when they giggle. How many of you can resist?

Grease Babies

Ethan Laughing

Hysterical Baby laughter

Hope you got a few giggles yourself from those. For more fun and giggles go see the funny folks over at Humor-Blog and Blogerella.  And while you’re there you could vote for Delaney’s World if you enjoyed our post.

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