I am back up and running, sorta. I still can’t open any of my emails on this computer but can on Hubby’s – go figure. I have run every diagnostic I have on this puppy and I’m still not sure what was and is wrong with it. Sometimes I hate computers.

Hubby got two days of work for last week but nothing so far this week. At least that pays a bill or two. They haven’t heard anything from the oil companies yet so we are still “hurry up and waiting” to see if something pops up. Not having unemployment benefits sucks. I wouldn’t have had any from my last job either since it was a religious institution and they are exempt from unemployment benefits which I don’t agree with. Some people had worked there for twenty years then left, no pension and no unemployment benefits. Sometimes though you work wherever you can. Hubby may have to go back to truck driving to stay here where we live. I’m hoping not since I wouldn’t get to see much of him and it is hard on his back. So we wait and wait and see what happens.

Anyhoo, enough about all the problems and on to some fun and smiles.




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