I got tagged by Betty who is Joe’s wife over at the Joe Review and Betty also gave me a special award. Also my good buddy over at What’s Baking gave me another award. I am just pulling in the good stuff here. I’m gonna start off with the Meme I was tagged with:




With this I am supposed to give 10 honest truths about myself.


  1. I grew up in Southern California around the Los Angeles area and moved to Kansas when I got married. I know, I’m crazy but Hubby is from here so what could I do?
  2. I have had (and have) dogs and cats but I am primarily a cat person. If given the choice of a dog or a cat but not both, I’d choose the cat.
  3. I can crochet, do counted and regular cross stitching and quilting but I am horrible about finishing a project once I start it if it isn’t a gift for a special occasion.
  4. I am a dyed in the wool non-apologetic chocoholic. I don’t care what form it is in, I want it all.
  5. I am a Sagittarian and it totally fits me. We are stubborn, hard headed and speak our minds and generally question everything which gets me in trouble all the time.
  6. I have never been a real “girly” girl. I’ve never been able to wear high heels and I’m not really into makeup and I’m more comfortable in jeans than in a dress.
  7. I love to read but I hate paperback books. I pretty much have nothing but hard bound books and have a small library. My books cover all available walls.
  8. I love my computer and the internet. I am basically an internet junkie. Take away my laptop and the net and I am not a happy camper.
  9. When I met my husband, he was a company secretary in the Marine Corp and I was a gas pump jockey at a Mobil station a block away from Disneyland.
  10. What I miss the most about living in Kansas instead of California is the ocean. I absolutely love the beach and the sound of the ocean waves coming to shore.

Now you know more about me than you probably ever wanted to.

The awards I got are the following:

TripleAwardforblog  Blog award Lemonade Stand

       Thank you Betty !                               Thank you AK Mom!


Both of these are supposed to go to 10 and 8 other blogs respectively. I don’t really have that many blogs to pass these onto since most of the blogs I give awards to have many themselves. I am also supposed to tag others for the “Honest Scrap” Meme. What I am going to do is list my usual victims er, blogging buddies and let them decide if they want to participate or not. If you are listed and don’t want to, that’s fine. Thank you again Betty and AK Mom for thinking of me as I really appreciate it.

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