Let’s start out with the bad first. I am down with a stomach bug and I am home while Hubby and Son are on their way to KCMO for gift swapping with Daughter and SIL. Bummer…but I don’t want to give it to anyone else. Hubby and Son are supposed to be back late Christmas day so hopefully I am better by then.


The good news is that Delaney’s World has officially had over 100,000 hits! WooHoo! I never thought I would see that unless I was doing this for ten years or so. I guess a few of you out there actually like this silly world of mine. Thanks a bunch to those of you that stick around for my craziness.

Hugs and Love to all of you! I appreciate your stopping by and visiting me!

And now for the Ugly….


I told you it was ugly, what did you expect? I’m sick, I told you all that. You looked so it’s your own fault.

Once again, thank you for making this a great Christmas even if I am sick.

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