I love tattoos, I mean that I really love tattoos. I love to look at tattoo websites and see all the neat tattoos. I love watching the tattoo shows like “LA Ink” and “Miami Ink” and see people getting tattoos. They fascinate me. I love the ideas behind them, the tattoo artists talent (or lack of talent) and whether people go for black and gray or colored inks. I just love them because there is so much beautiful tattoo work out there that is truly phenomenal.

And then you have the other side of the coin, the people doing tattoos that shouldn’t be and the tattoos that might be drawn well but you have to ask the person that got the tattoo – WTF were you thinking?

This post is to show the diversity of styles of tattoos, good ones, bad ones, cool ones and the WTF?!!? So enjoy the show!

I think this one is gonna get him in trouble, don’t you?

Funny Pictures

This is a definite, WTF!! were you thinking?? Can you just imagine her when she is actually pregnant? Man is that gonna look stupid or more stupid. The tat is weird – does the baby have backward feet in shoes?

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I don’t understand the fascination of tattoos depicting the muscle underneath the skin. Some artists are really good at the art of the muscle, some aren’t. Just doesn’t make sense to me but hey, that’s part of what makes tattoos interesting – what people want.

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Now this is one of those combo tattoos. It’s well done, sorta cool but with a touch of why?

Now this one is cool and a WTF! because of the 3D effect and I’m not quite sure what the statement is, but it is very well done.


This one is my favorite 3D and it’s a simple one but it is something I would get.

Jeremy - Industrial Art Tattoo

Artist: Jeremy - Industrial Art Tattoo

So whatever your choice in tattoos, enjoy what you get cause it’s with you for good. There are a lot of great tattoo artists out there. Find one and get that great tattoo!