I decided to write about Freddie and Marvin after a particularly interesting evening with both of them. Since they travel with us and stay in the motels, I am in close proximity to them on a daily basis. They are both characters and can be a constant source of amusement or consternation depending on their mood for the day. I can’t imagine my life right now without them though.

So here is a little history and back story on the boys. Pictures used are of their stunt doubles as we don’t have any current photos cause Mom can’t seem to use the camera correctly. 🙂

Freddie is a reddish brown Dachshund (Doxie) that we rescued about 2 years ago. Freddie was about 3 yrs old at the time and his owners were going to just let him loose out in the countryside if someone didn’t take him. A woman I worked with at the time, took him and then came and talked to me about him. I was known around work as the “soft touch” and was known to rescue animals. She told me about Freddie’s plight and basically talked me into taking him.

What I got was a round sausage with 4 legs sticking out of it. Poor Freddie. He is classified as a miniature Doxie but he was anything but that. He weighed 30lbs! He had been stuck for about 20hrs a day in a small animal crate that was big enough for him to either go in face first or bottom first and then just lay down. He couldn’t turn around in it and from being in it so long every day, he had worn off all the hair on his belly and chest areas.

They obviously fed him but that was about it. I got a dog that had no clue what toys were or how to play. He is a very sweet dog and is very well mannered. He has never destroyed anything in the house except plush toys. He can’t get the idea that they are to play with. Neither can he really get the concept of fetch. The only thing he got on a routine basis was rawhide chews so everything to him is to be chewed. We have taught him to play “chase” or “tag” with us but he still prefers chew toys to anything else.

They just didn’t want to bother with him and when they discovered that he has major allergies, that was it. I am happy to say, it was their loss. Freddie is a sweetie. He is one of the most loving dogs I have ever had.

He now weighs about 21 lbs and he will probably never get below that but he is a very muscular Doxie as apposed to the usual skinny framed ones. We deal with his allergies and he is doing fine now. The biggest problem we have with Freddie is we can’t get out of his sight without him having separation anxiety. This is why he travels with us. If we go on vacation then Fred goes over to our son’s house and stays with him, so in the 2 years we have had Fred, he has been with us almost 24/7.

This is Marvin's coloring, just not so "smushed face"

This is Marvin's coloring

Marvin, as regular readers (I do have a few!) know is a kitty that we rescued at a motel we were staying at about 2-3 months ago. Well let me tell you, he is a hand full now! This is the most curious kitten I have ever had. You cannot do ANYTHING without Marvin being right there in the middle of it to see what is going on. I told Hubby that he is our supervisor in charge since he is always there making sure we are doing whatever we are doing correctly.

Marvin is also extremely loving. He loves to lay on me while we travel and he just purrs and purrs. Marvin also loves Freddie to distraction. He has got to be next to Freddie as much as he can. He loves to curl up on him or next to him to sleep. Marvin does that typical cat move of going back and forth, rubbing up against you motions, typically done against your legs thing…well, Marvin does that to Freddie’s face to get him to pay attention to him.


Freddie's usual expression when dealing with Marvin

Freddie' usual expression

Freddie isn’t quite fond of this show of affection. In fact, if he is on the floor when Marvin does this, then the battle is on. That is his clue to start chasing Marvin around the room which is why I think Marvin did it in the first place! If Freddie is on the bed and Marvin does it, Freddie will immediately get under his blanket. This does not deter Marvin any more. He is now big enough that he can muscle his way underneath the blanket and go after Freddie. This is not good news for Freddie…or me. If I am on the bed as well, then Freddie buries his face against me so Marvin can’t get to him. This usually sends Marvin out from the covers and onto me. It’s like having 2 small children again!

They do really love each other though because if either of them squeaks then the other one is right there to ensure that they are okay. They do sleep next to each other for at least half of the night and they don’t fight at all or over anything including food. I do get a kick out of them though as they go through this journey with us. They love us, we love them and they definitely love each other.

They are BFF’s until the end.


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