We thought we were going to western Kansas but got sent to Colorado instead so we got a complete change of scenery though we didn’t see much of it when we got in last night. The guys delivering our new washer and dryer were an hour and half late on the expected delivery time of between 8am – 12n. Should we have been surprised? No, but it is still frustrating especially after we told them that we travel for business and needed to be done by noon. We didn’t get out of town until 3:30pm and had a five and half hour drive ahead of us. What a way to start the week. Hope yours started out better than that 🙂

For my froggie friend


Frog photos by Erin K. Osten

"Sunshine-y Day by K. Osten"

"Snuggle up to Beauty by Erin K. Osten"

Is this a sadsack puppy or what?


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