Well, we wound up back out in Western Kansas this week and it is cold, wet and foggy here. We are close enough to the Colorado border that we are getting the cold from there. I so love it out this way…not! We are back where we were that there are three places to get something to eat and not much of anything else.

Marvin is such a good travel cat…yes, I know that sounds weird but if you have been here before you know that Marvin is a rescue kitty and he now travels with me, Hubby and Freddie our wienie dog. Freddie can be a bit of a whiny butt on some of the drives but Marvin is super. He is no longer an itty-bitty kitty, he has about doubled in size so he is now just a bitty bit of a kitty. He tends to either fall asleep in the backseat next to Freddie or he will stretch out on me and just purr and sleep. He loves to ride in the car and has fun exploring the motel rooms and terrorizing Freddie.

I will have to take some new pictures of Marvin so you can see how much bigger he has gotten and how cute he is. 🙂

Now let’s have some smiles…


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