Our new President is Barack Obama, McCain goes back to the Senate and Palin (thankfully) goes back to Alaska to do whatever. Now everyone needs to get over it and chill out. Seriously. The election is over and it was pretty clear who the winner is so all of the nastiness that was present during the race should go by the wayside. It is time for all of us to come together as Americans and work to get along.

OK, that’s all I’m saying on that subject! It is a beautiful fall day and I plan on enjoying it. Since today is hump day, I think I’m going with a mixed bag.

funny dog pictures with captions
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I don’t know what country this was taken in but, Damn! How would you like this job? At least they gave him a visor to keep the bugs out of his face.

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We all want a comfortable bed, don’t we? Look at the flower bed in the lower right corner…I think he’s done this before.


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