It has been a beautiful day here at home today, cool but not cold, sunny and slightly windy but then, Kansas is always windy so I would be more surprised if it wasn’t windy. How about in your neck of the woods?
As far as I know we get to head east this next week to new territory instead of back out west into our old stomping grounds and that just makes me a very happy camper. Not back out the the same old same old and almost to Missouri so that is great news, unless the change their minds by tomorrow. So I guess we have to wait and see for sure.

Let’s have some fun!

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How about a roller-coaster ride?

More At Amusing

Ever wish you had a stack of these?

Funny Pictures

Funny Pictures

Our Joke for the Day


We all know those cute symbols made with keyboard characters called “emoticons”. For instance:
🙂 means a smile
😦 is a sad face
Sometimes a nose is drawn into the symbol: 🙂
But, have you heard about BUTTICONS?

Here are some of them:
(_!_) normal ass
(__!__) fat ass
(!) tight ass
(_._) virgin ass
(_*_) wiped ass
{_!_} wrinkled ass
(_x_) frowning ass
(_X_) condemned ass
(_$_) valuable ass
[_T_] square ass
(_:_) mondo weird ass
(_@_) cyberass
(_?_) mystery ass
(_#_) hurt ass
(__) closed ass
(_%_) pimply ass

CYBERTITS: (o)(o) perfect tits
( + )( + ) fake silicone tits
(*)(*) perky nippled tits
(@)(@) big nippled tits
(oYo) push-up tits
(^)(^) cold tits
(o)(O) uneven tits
(Q)(Q) droopy tits
(p)(q) tits’n’streamers
(:o)(o) tits bitten by a vampire
\o/\o/ grannie’s tits
( – )( – ) tits slammed against the shower door
|oo| borg tits
()() Elle McPherson tits
( o Y o ) Playmate tits
(.)(.)(.) Full Challenge tits
(=)(=) encrypted tits.

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