Hope the week is being good to you so far, we can’t complain, at least not yet. It’s raining here and pretty cool and should be cooler tomorrow. I just checked the forecast for Colby and later this week they are expecting snow! I am sooo not looking forward to going back there (if we do) and facing the winter weather this early. Too dang cold!

Let’s start with a Joke for the Day

Let’s Name That Animal

Eddie’s first-grade class was having a game of Name That Animal. The teacher held up a picture of a cat and asked, “What animal is this?”

“A cat!” said Suzy.

“Good job! Now, what’s this animal?”

“A dog!” said Ricky.

“Good! Now what animal is this?” she asked, holding up a picture of a deer.

The class fell silent. After a couple of minutes, the teacher said, “It’s what your mom calls your dad.”

“A horny bastard!” called out Eddie.

Our Cartoon for the Day


Funny Pictures

Funny Pictures

Funny Pictures

Ok, let’s have some bad tattoos. First up, make sure how good your artist is or you could wind up with this….

Funny Pictures

Or you could go for the “Hello Kitty” from the Darkside
Funny Pictures

I don’t understand why on this one, first on a guy…but it is on a woman…WTF?

Funny Pictures

Now for the nice tattoos

very cool dot work with great details

very cool dot work with great details

This one is cool “old school” or traditional styling which is popular again

great "old school" or traditional styling

Our Pretty Picture for the Day

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