I hope everyone has been having a good weekend. So far our weekend has been great! Our daughter took us to a sushi restaurant and that was a first for me. I have had the so-so California rolls at the oriental buffets before but never have had fresh, made to order sushi rolls. OMG! I am hooked! Of course this isn’t the cheapest food around by any means, but man it was good. We are going to have to have this more often but the problem is finding a place at home. No straight sushi places there but I shall find something, somewhere as I am now on a mission.

Our daughter also fixed homemade Jambalaya which was fantastic and I am not leaving here without the recipe. I said this weekend was going to be a food feast and so far, so good! Now I just need to get motivated to work off all the extra calories…yeah, that’s gonna happen.

Let’s start off with some political humor.

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