Karan and his father, my friend Prakash

Karan and his father, my friend Prakash

Bloggers are social people, if we weren’t we wouldn’t be able to share things from our lives with total strangers on our blogs. You can’t be too introspective and be active on the internet and we bloggers tend to join social networks to help promote our blogs and to meet other people like us that are crazy enough to devote time, some of us not for moneymaking, just for being out there and connecting with other people. Sometimes we met some jerks, some crazies and when we are really lucky, some very nice people.

I had the pleasure of meeting Prakash through one of the Bloggers networks and we instantly became friends even though we were culturally and almost 9,000 miles apart. Prakash was a very educated but simple man who had deep thoughts and wrote amazing articles that were very thought and soul provoking. We had many discussions about these and I was privileged he loved my blog. I always joked with him about that because my blog is seldom thought provoking, I post mostly funny pictures, but he loved that, loved the fact that on a daily basis I could make him smile or laugh and that we all have a purpose in the world and that this was mine.

Prakash and I emailed each other every day and would ask each other to check out our blogs and see if we were on the right track. He loved his son Karan, and was very proud of him and was a devoted family man. He survived the recent terrorist bombings by religious zealots in his city in India, but then came down with a horrific viral infection that swept the city in the following weeks. He was hospitalized for almost a week and then got to come home though he was very weak. The picture was taken at the hospital the day before he was released to go home to his family.

I did not hear much from my friend after the first few days he was home as he was still very ill and was on oxygen and medications. I have missed hearing from him but understood that he needed time to heal but I had emailed him a week ago to see how he was doing but still had not heard from him.

Today I heard from Karan. My friend Prakash succumbed to the complications from this setback and his continuing battle with COPD. He was only 57 years old.

Rest in Peace my friend, I will miss you and think of you often.

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