Today’s movie review is on “Smart People.”

This is a very funny, intelligent comedy. This is a comedy movie for adults. If you are expecting a “Super Bad” style of movie then you will be disappointed. Dennis Quaid is a widowed professor that has a very predictable and routine life. He can exist in this fog of numbness and sameness. That is until he falls in love with a former student, Jessica Parker. Then his life is turned upside down and he has to deal with life again and it is awkward for him. Complicating matters for him is his daughter who is used to dealing with her father and their own little world that they are both comfortable with. Enter the financially challenged adopted brother, Thomas Haden Church who helps this family find their way. I thought it was interesting that Dennis Quaid quit smoking while filming this movie and that helped his haggard, restlessness and bummed out appearance in this movie since he was going through cigarette withdrawal at the time. This comedy is funny because of the dialogue between the characters, not due to slapstick actions or sexual innuendo.

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