I have joined the BAM Club which officially started today and my review is on the movie “The Forbidden Kingdom” staring Jackie Chan and Jet Li.

I was expecting more from this movie. I really like Jackie Chan and he was good in the movie but it wasn’t as good as I was expecting but then he is 54. It was a very stylized movie and just didn’t hit the mark for adult audiences. After reading the synopsis I found out that it was geared for children but that wasn’t the way it was advertises here in the USA.

Jackie Chan always plays a drunken character well and doesn’t disappoint in that sense, but I found myself not paying attention to the movie and that isn’t a good sign since I am a movie buff. The fight sequences were okay, but still not up to the hype.

If you like this type of stylized martial arts film then you might like it. If you were looking for a jam-packed action movie, this isn’t it.

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