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I was going to show a bunch of different people but got caught up on this one guy because his story fascinates me. Here is a young, now 22, man that made some spur of the moment decisions that he now lives with and seems to feel he has no choice but to finish what he started. Here is the picture I had before of him into the process but not as far as now.

This was when he was called "Skullboy"

This is “Zombie” and I have had his picture on here before. He is only 22 and has already managed to transform himself into a walking bag of bones, a tattooed Zombie. His name is irrelevant as “Zombie” is what he chooses to answer to today.

He was into Goth when he was in high school and got his first tattoo at the age of 16. He was into horror movies and got a zombie tattooed on his arm with the word zombie tattooed underneath. People started noticing and thought it was cool and it took off from there.

When Zombie was asked how long he thought about it before he had his face tattooed to look like a skull and he stated that he didn’t think about it at all, just did it. He was known on the internet as “Skullboy” for a time until he was able to get more tattooing done and his transformation progressed though that doesn’t mean anything to him, he doesn’t own a computer or get on the internet.

When asked if he was done he stated: ” There’s a shitload left to my body suit — I still need intestines, more brains, and to finish the arms and the armpits and the legs ’nd shit.” And he doesn’t plan on stopping once that is complete. Zombie stated: “After my body suit I wanna start getting like Frankenstein bolts around my brain, get my eyes tattooed black, sharpen my teeth and shit like that.”
Now the question I have is how he pays for all of this? He states that he doesn’t have a regular job and at the time was putting up posters for money. So how do you have the money to live let alone do this expensive extensive body modification and tattooing?

When asked if he was single he said “yes…very. They cut into my beer time.” No need to worry about what the girls think then is there? When asked about family reaction his mother had told him “you started it – you better finish it.” When asked if he regretted the tattoos, he said he did, but shrugged it off and said that at this point he doesn’t really notice them anymore and that he was always sort of a freak so these are an extension of that.

He has no problems with the average Joe’s reaction on the street. For people wanting pictures with him he’s cool and if people want to avoid him, he is fine with that as well.

I would love to read an interview with him in another 20 years and see what he thinks about all of this when he is 42. Such a young age to make such a life changing decision based on a whim.
Read the entire interview with him: Veronika/BME

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