So the week is winding down and the weekend is almost here. The Kansas State Fair starts tomorrow and I am looking forward to going even though it isn’t the biggest state fair around. Heck, when I lived in California the county fairs were bigger than our state fair but it is something different to do in an area that doesn’t have much in the way of entertainment. After being out here in the boondocks for almost two weeks, anything will be a change of pace.

I just can’t get too enthused about looking at cows and chickens though. I love animals but to me a cow is a cow and a chicken a chicken and if you’ve seen one, you’ve seen em all. I do like the bunnies and the horses. I think I mainly go for fresh salt water taffy, good corn dogs and a fantastic caramel apple. Oh and I love to look at the quilt competition since I can never make anything that looks that good.

We are good for about four hours of walking around and then we are ready to go. What is your favorite thing about a state fair?

Here is your chuckle for the day. I went with a transportation theme.

Yes, it's a woman driver....

Yes, it is a woman...

Our Pretty Picture for the Day

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