I’m and old broad but I relate to issues that fall more to the younger generations, you in your 20’s and 30’s that are finding out where you stand on issues such as dating, getting married, buying a house, having rug-rats and curtain-climbers while not losing your individuality that make you who you are today, right this moment in time.

I have been there and done that. My two kids are grown and deciding these issues right now, but they are luckier than I was. Even though I was an adult by 1975, you only had a short period of time to decide if you were going to be the “wild child” or the normal next door neighbor on the block, you couldn’t be both at the same time. You continued to be wild and crazy and whole neighborhood that knew you growing up hung their heads in shame and gossiped about you on back porches during the summer. You came back home with some wild stories and they all said, “isn’t it a good thing she got that out of her system.” You were then expected to repent a while than find a “good boy” to settle down with

We mostly came back and settled down, especially the females because there wasn’t that much out there if you weren’t a fervent feminist or rock star material. So we returned to our lives and had families and tried to live the American dream the best we could, but never forgetting our wilder roots, wants and dreams.

Our kids survived and did better than the fuddy-duddy parent’s kids did because we talked to our kids as if they were adults. Not as our friends, they weren’t, they were our children, but we talked to them NOT down at them and spoke to them as if they had heads on their shoulders that had something in it; not necessarily a lot of drivel they might have picked up on the way. We assumed if they did, we could knock it out with truth and held little of our experiences back since we would rather they learn from our dumb mistakes and not their own.

Once we were Empty-Nesters, we went back to some of the things we loved and gave up. Men started riding motorcycles again. Women got out and did things not just participate in local neighborhood plans, we marched out and did stuff we wanted to. I personally didn’t get my first tattoo until I turned 50 yrs old. My husband had only one that he got when he was in the Marines at 17. He just got it covered up because after 30 yrs of sun and wear it couldn’t be fixed. We love our tattoos and our children (tattoo less) think it’s funny but we don’t care. I will be one of those old tattooed broads but mine will look nicer because they are newer.

Just remember one thing. We don’t want to be you, just have the options that you all have now that we didn’t at your age and allow us to indulge to our hearts content, same as we want you to do. You promise not to laugh too hard at us and we won’t laugh too hard at you….except when the piercing goes crazy and you’ve gotta give us that, we are after all…old(er).

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