Or how to clog the internet:

I had another bout of insomnia, which seems to happen more frequently, and I spent the night surfing the internet. No surprise there. I love Stumble On which is a nifty little gem that lets people bookmark sites that interest them and when you click on the little Stumble On button on your browser it will take you to these sites.

Normally this works really well. With Firefox they offer the option of narrowing down your options such as blogs in either WordPress or Blogger. I decided to try this out. Bad mistake. I thought I would find some really interesting blogs. I did, at least a few. But mostly I wound up on defunct blogs some of them with no new posting in over two years.

People, if you aren’t going to keep your blog up to date, delete the damn thing! I have a blog on both WordPress.com and Blogger and I know you can delete your blog off of Blogger, I’ve done it. It isn’t difficult and it keeps old crap out there from accumulating.

Some of the old templates on both blogging providers makes it difficult to see the date. You start reading and then, bam! You realize that this is way out of date and if you don’t care enough to keep blogging, why should I read it? Why should I waste my time reading something that you can’t be bothered to update?

I’m not saying that every blog has to be updated daily. It would be great if we all could do that but I don’t know about you but for me, life gets in the way sometimes and I just can’t stop to update both my blogs on a daily basis. Now with this one I do pretty well, but the other one doesn’t lend itself for daily updates but I try and post something about twice a week. I really appreciate those of you that do post daily as you are made of sterner, more dedicated stuff than I am, obviously.

According to what I read on “Google”, approximately 4,000 blogs are started daily. That’s just plain scary. You would think with that many new blogs we would never run out of interestingly new things to read. I firmly believe that 3,000+ blogs die every day as well. I know, I Stumbled On them or at least it feels like it.

If you are an author of a blog and you are getting tired of it or have just run out of things to write, please, I beg of you, save the rest of us and delete your dad-gum blog!

Old blogs are about as useful as old computers

Old blogs are about as useful as old computers

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