I unfortunately have insomnia. Now most of the time it isn’t too horrible since I am self-employed and it doesn’t matter when I do my work so if I have a couple or three nights a week that I don’t sleep, well it’s no biggie. Unless I don’t have the internet, then it’s bad…real bad.

You see, I travel with my husband for our work and we stay at motels a lot. Not hotels, motels. You know how small they are. But if you are “on the road” for five to six days in a row, hotels are a bit out of the acceptable price range. So this means we are in a room that has either a king sized bed or two double beds. No sitting area separate or anything like that so when I have insomnia, I usually stay in bed and get on my computer, surf the internet with head phones on and there you are, no problemo. Hubby sleeps blissfully undisturbed and I get through the night.

Not last night. We are out in the middle of nowhere and have been for almost two weeks now trying to finish working in this area. The motel we are at has Wi Fi internet service, when it works. Usually my middle of the night surfing goes well, in fact, I usually have a better connection then. Last night starting about 7 P.M. it all goes to sh*t leaving me high and dry. No freaking internet people! I am a freaking internet junkie and here I am in the middle of the night with no freaking internet!

No checking how my blogs are doing, no using “Stumble On” so I can find new sites to check out, heck, I can’t even play games since I have freaking Vista on my computer so all of the cool PC games I have are for XP and don’t work and I’m too freaking cheap to buy new ones. I usually play free levels of the trial games on a few game sites and I can’t even do that. The only game that came with Vista I want to play is Mahjongg but you only have six layouts and I’ve played them to death…Now what?

I can’t read or watch television or I wake up Hubby and that’s not fair to him but I don’t want to sit here ready to throw my computer against the wall, it isn’t the computer’s fault I’m going bonkers. OMG!! Internet withdrawal is just as bad as smoking or drinking withdrawal! I’m a freaking internet junkie jonesing for a fix. That is just plain scary.

I knew I was on the internet a lot especially since I started my blogs but I had no idea. Is there an equivalent to AA for internet junkies? I think I need one of those timer programs that monitor how long you are on the internet and pops up on the screen telling you to walk away from the computer.

Naw, I’ll probably ignore it or take it off and just feed my addiction. What else are you gonna’ do in the middle of nowhere in the middle of the night when you are too old to party and stuck having to be quiet?

A game of solitaire doesn’t look so bad right now, actually. Nice computer…let’s be friends.

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