Delaney’s World is happy to present something new and hopefully fun….Jigsaw Puzzles.
Just click on the puzzle that you would like to work and you will be taken to the puzzle. When you are done, click on the back arrow and you will be brought back to this site. I am new at this so let’s see how this goes. I will try and put an easy, medium and hard categories and hopefully I get them right. If not let me know. I also would like your comments as to whether you like this or not.

Also, I now have my own toolbar available for you to download! It is perfectly safe NO SPAM EVER!!
You will get my blog feed, Google search, radio stations to listen to while you surf (and read my blog) games, suggested humor feeds and a whole lot more…

Get it here: or click on the link in the sidebar. I am really excited about this and I hope you will be too.

Have fun with the puzzles!


cantlookcat - online jigsaw puzzle - 42 pieces

dogfirehydrant - online jigsaw puzzle - 42 pieces

White Tiger - online jigsaw puzzle - 63 pieces

pups - online jigsaw puzzle - 63 pieces


bra cats - online jigsaw puzzle - 99 pieces

buddies - online jigsaw puzzle - 117 pieces