Everyone has their own ideas of what looks good and what they like and when it comes to tattoos, you see everything from great art, unique designs and sometimes the bizarre and the WTF? were they thinking. These are some of the unusual, at least in my opinion, that I have found that were examples of people taking their obsessions to the extreme of placing them on their skins. Now I like butterflies, flowers and fairies and I think I would only go with a portrait of a family member if I was going to go that route. Some people go a bit more extreme.

I’m the first one to say “to each their own,” so I hope they all are really happy with these tats since they will have them for life and God Bless ‘Em, they’ve got guts to go for the glory of showing off what they like for the whole world to see. I should hope to be that brave some day.
Check it out…

At leat his daughter is before Star Wars 😉

Makes me think of a scene from Hannibal Lector which follows where he eats part of a human brain, DO NOT WATCH IF YOU ARE SQUEAMISH as it is rather gross and gory. PG-13

Must Love Koi. Details good but, damn that’s a freaking BIG fish!

Patrick Swayze as a centaur? Okay, bizarre…..

I can’t say anything about this one except…..oh my….

Now this one is funny. At least the guy’s got a sense of humor but if I were a guy, I don’t know if I would have the stones to pull this off.